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5-th Sofia International Model United Nations (SOFIMUN)

21-28 July 2012 Sofia, Bulgaria, EU

An international young leaders' summit of the SOFIMUN Foundation

         Search Of Future Ideas, Models Us Now

A 5 star MUN event *****

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Here you can find all the rules, governing the Sofia International Model United Nations event in Sofia, Bulgaria. You can download the rules and learn them prior to the event.


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Here you can find fill the application form for the SOFIMUN event. This is the ONLY way to provide yourself with a place at SOFIMUN.


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- Programme schedule of SOFIMUN.

- Programme schedule of organs.

- Programme schedule of the social events.


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Transport & VISA


- International transport to Sofia by land, air and water... sorry no teleport yet.

- Local transport in Sofia city.

- Documents to take with you.

- VISA requirements.


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- Participation fee and bank account number.

- What do you get for the fee?

- What is covered by our sponsors?

- Alternative methods for transfer of the fee.


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- Where are you going to sleep and eat?

- More information about the hotel.

- What does the hotel offer you?

- Where is the hotel?


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  Here you can find information for the venues that are going to be used for the plenary sessions of the Sofia International Model United Nations event.  



Organs (shortcut link)


In case you have skipped to see the organs that are going to be simulated at the Sofia International Model United Nations event, in Sofia, Bulgaria, you can do this by following the link bellow.


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Theme night


- The traditional theme night for SOFIMUN participants

- What is the theme for this year?

- What you have to do?

- Are you prepared enough well for this event?


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  Medical Services  

The SOFIMUN Foundation has a contract for EMERGENCY medical services for the SOFIMUN annual young leaders summit as a sponsorship package from LORA Medical Centre.


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VIP Data


- When do you arrive?

- How do you arrive?

- At what time do you departure?

...and many other questions which answers we need in order to make you feel great during SOFIMUN.


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What is FES?


- Learn more about the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and its branch office in Bulgaria!

- Get to know what Friedrich Ebert stands for and promotes around the globe!


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The SOFIMUN Foundation arranges special additional events for the post-SOFIMUN period and in this way gives the SOFIMUN participants  the ability to participate at different events such as excursions and short holidays in Bulgaria.


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  Guest Speakers  

During the SOFIMUN annual young leaders summit the conference hosts different guest speakers on topics for discussion. Find out more about the guest speakers at this edition of SOFIMUN.


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SOFIA Maps (shortcut link)


Maps of SOFIMUN events and Sofia city

- Map of Sofia city.

- Map of the accommodation.

- Map of "Must see in Sofia".

- Map of SOFIMUN parties.

- Map of main transportation.

- Map of all diplomatic missions in Sofia.

- Map of main Bulgarian and Sofia institutions.


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  Delegate award policy  

Information on the criteria set forward for the awarding process of the best best delegates and the honorary mentions. This information is provided by the Secretary-General.


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The standards of dressing that are to be obeyed during the official plenary sessions as well as during the opening and closing ceremonies at SOFIMUN.


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