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5-th Sofia International Model United Nations (SOFIMUN)

21-28 July 2012 Sofia, Bulgaria, EU

An international young leaders' summit of the SOFIMUN Foundation

         Search Of Future Ideas, Models Us Now

A 5 star MUN event *****





SOFIMUN***** is now open!

The SOFIMUN International Foundation opens the website for the 5th edition - the 5-star SOFIMUN edition. In a couple of days we will be uploading all the information which is missing currently and also will be implementing a lot of new features on the website of the Sofa International Model United Nations. Stay tuned for more!




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The official media body of SOFIMUN - the SNN - SOFIMUN News Network has been launched!

SOFIMUN is going to have for a 3rd year now an official news body - the SNN - SOFIMUN News Network. It will combine the work of representatives of different news agencies, TV stations, websites, radios and the press. The SNN proved to be a very dynamic and new-age media.


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SOFIMUN's previous 4 editions - 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011!

The SOFIMUN Foundation has decided to keep a full archive of the website of SOFIMUN 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 event. You can go directly to them. You will find the aftermath reports of SOFIMUN 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011; galleries with over 43 000 photos; videos and wallpapers.


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Welcome letter


Welcome letter on behalf of the Secretary-General of the 5th edition of Sofia International Model United Nations - 21-28 July 2012 - Mr. Joseph Gibson



Honorable Delegates,


It is my distinct honor and privilege to welcome you to the fifth annual Sofia International Model United Nations conference, or SOFIMUN, to be held in Sofia Bulgaria July 21-28, 2012.


Organized by the Sofia International Model United Nations Foundation, SOFIMUN has acquired world renown as one of the most diverse and dynamic MUNs in existence. With delegates from all corners of the globe, SOFIMUN provides a truly memorable experience year after year. SOFIMUN 2012 promises to deliver yet again, and with your participation, it will surpass even its previous versions.


The committees of SOFIMUN 2012 will tackle challenges ranging from the ever-present issues of human rights and economic development, to real time crisis situations. These committees will be led by an experienced and diverse Secretariat, representing more than a dozen different countries, and whose members stand ready to assist you in making SOFIMUN a once in a lifetime experience. More than anything at SOFIMUN 2012, delegates should expect the unexpected, and to be challenged in new and exciting ways.


With its highly diverse participants and staff, SOFIMUN provides a uniquely accurate view of international diplomacy and relations. Through both subtle diplomacy and spirited debate, you will hone your speaking and negotiation skills, helping you prepare for a career in diplomacy and international relations. But more than that, the friends and colleagues you meet at SOFIMUN will last you a lifetime, and may very well work with you someday on the world stage.


It is my honor to serve you as Secretary General, and I look forward to meeting you all in Sofia this July. Together, we will continue the tradition of making SOFIUMUN one of the world’s most successful MUN conferences!


Warm regards,

Mr. Joseph Gibson

Secretary-General of SOFIMUN 2012

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  Nicolas Dymcoff - international campaign  

The idea for the United Nations concept

“I am convinced that the Supreme Counsel and the Permanent World counsel, which only aim to take care of the universal prosperity, will achieve their sacred goal before the end of this 20th century!” – these were the prophetic words of the Bulgarian engineer Nicolas Dymcoff, which were said in the first days of September 1918 in the capital Tzarigrad of the Turkish Empire in front of the editor of newspaper “Pharos” that was published there. The reason for the meeting and their whole conversation was written down by engineer Nicolas Dymcoff at the end of 1916 and the beginning of 1917 in the book “Star of the Consent” (from French - "Etoile de la Conccorde"), which represents an original and grounded project for the creation of a world organization for peace and cooperation between all states, nations, and religions. Nicolas Dymcoff published his project in French, German, Turkish, and Greek, and through the foreign embassies in Tzarigrad, he sent it to many state and governmental representatives, including the president of the USA at that time – Thomas Woodrow Wilson. This happened at the time when USA still had not been involved in the First World War and the famous Wilson's Fourteen Points for the post-war settlement of the world and the creation of the United Nations had still not existed. And the biographer of Thomas Wilson (Mr. Beker) later gave evidences that this idea was not of the president, but it was loaned from others.


In his project Nicolas Dymcoff suggested the creation of a Permanent World Council that would examine “the means, needed for keeping peace and agreement between all nations in the world”. In an interview with the editor of the Greek newspaper “Pharos”, printed as a supplement to the Second edition of “The Star of Consent”, N. Dymcoff continued to develop his idea for the arrangement and the structure of the Permanent Council. Excluding the three main councils, the author suggested the council to be subdivided into around twenty supreme bureaus, which would deal with the internal structure of the council, the world security and demilitarization, the relations between religions, the issues of the nations’ minorities, the world jurisdiction, education and culture, health services, agriculture, industry, trade, labor, and others. Even if these formulations are very cursorily compared to the statute of the today’s United Nations, we could easily notice some remarkable similarities not only in the general idea, but also in the concrete structure and function of the organization.


The project of Nicolas Dymcoff is an impressive Bulgarian contribution to the creation and the work and activities of today’s world organization for peace and security. His ideas gained realization relatively recently when over Europe and the world has been established the sincere desire for unity regarding any universal values and virtues.


The information that follows is about engineer Nicolas Dymcoff and for the purpose of this information bulletin, the information was collected from more than fifteen Bulgarian and foreign sources.


About the Campaign

The Campaign for popularizing the work of Nicolas Dymkoff is organized by the SOFIMUN Foundation and the National Union "Treasure the Bulgarian Heritage". Already the results are visible - popularization of the work online, naming a street in Sofia city, printing and spreading the original book of Dymkoff.


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